Pagination using AJAX and JSP

Those who felt very tired of searching a good Pagination script using AJAX and a server-side script, i got a good news for you.I too face the same problem a month ago and really get frustrated by googling a lot and find nothing useful for me.
Finally i decide to get my hands on it, and decide to do that with AJAX and , i choose JSP as my client-side script for act as back end for my ajax program. After a good approach and hard work i come with a superb script that ease the work of programmer in pagination part as most of them struggle with that.
That code which i developed is easy to use and available online.If you want to do Pagination in much simpler way, download the file and start using it.You’ll never get disappointed.The URL for my code is :

UPDATE : Jan 2016! I’m shocked to see still there some souls who need my code. So I re-uploaded it in new host!

New & Working Link : Tinyupload URL

Note : If any of you have modified/improved/optimized it with jquery, please let me know so I can share it here!

Hurrah! My Pagination using AJAX code i upload in the above URL, awarded as the best code of the month..God, this boosts me to post more codes which will help me and other too…

Kindly comment here if you have any doubts or queries regarding that…. If the above URL doesn’t work, post a comment so that I can host it elsewhere


16 thoughts on “Pagination using AJAX and JSP

  1. Hi rajkumar , I am niraj patel from gujarat,I am beginner for JAVA and JSP,Can you suggest me which book should I refer for JSP and Servlet?I like your AJAX pagination . . Your site really helpfully for people like me. Thanks


  2. Hi niraj, Thanks for your appreciation. And finally my code was selected as the best code of this month award.It’ll make me post more codes that help me and others too… By the way, For JSP and Servlet i’ll help you provide some good E-Books that’ll help u a lot. send me ur e-maid id was in planet source code site(I don’t want to provide my email id publicly).If u still prefer a hard copy over soft copy i suggest you to get Head First, if u r a beginner.Other wise go for Apress and Manning books. Don’t read this book. Just understand the concepts and write your own sample codes for that concept. Bye dude!!!


  3. Hi RajThis is niranjan.. am very new to AJAX.Your code is very usefull.But i have one issue..Am submitting a form & calling a AJAX function as well.. am able to get the response from the having a problem in displaying the response.. coz. the DIV where i want to show the details is in another form where am submiiting and in AJAX call am unable to get the DIV information..Can u plz let me know how to get another form info in AJAX function..Thanks in advance..


  4. Hi RajkumarThanks a lot for to shared ur logic of pagination using ajax.really helpfull…..after searching lots of sites and 100 of logics for 1 week.after lots of struggle getting d idea of logic is equal to geting food with hungry after 1 week.really ur logic was tasteful to my mind


  5. Hi Rajkumar, I have got some problem while using ajax paginaition,Actu in my JSP i have got 12 fields in that first two fields i am getting it from database,rest of the fields are input field.When i click on previous button i am not able to retain input field value.Can pls let me know the solution for it.I am using Spring MVC frameworkThanks in advance


  6. @AnonymousThe CSS file doesnt have anything good. Its just color swap between cells.@NiksThe link is working perfectly. I double check that.@AnonymousPlease mail me regarding the problem with stacktrace if any.


  7. Hi RajKumar,
    the code is good. i need some code in ajax. in my jsp i have 10 questions with each question having 4 radio options . if user select the answers and submit. how to get the multiple radio options from jsp to action using ajax. plz help me.


  8. I was trying with your code and downloaded from the above link but that folder does not have servlet code com.rajk.javacode.servlets.dbmodel.Please tell me where to get that java code


  9. Hi Rajkumar,
    I hv to display 50 empty input fields (10 in each page with only next and previous button)and want the title to be the same for every page.could u help me with the code pls.


    • Hey..

      Thanks for your great work…the link you mentioned above is not working..once we click the link it shows “This submission no longer exists in the database.”.


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