LG Optimus L9 – Short Review

After the LG Optiumus One phone, i never seen any good reviews about LG Droids.Still, I recently bought this phone for my sister, as she liked the phone very much. After looking at this phone, i thought of using it for few days, and to be frank, i am quite impressed with this phone. I am using Galaxy SL i9003 for over a year, and after using L9, my phone feels heavy in my hand, which i never felt before.

For specs : LG Optimus L9 Specs

1. Packaging
Packaging is normal, comes with mobile, Battery, Charger, User Manual, Stereo Ear Microphone, USB Data Cable. There is nothing fancy and box is little big compared to S3 ones. Also as an offer, they are giving Leather Pouch for free, with this mobile. The price of the phone in local store where i bought is 19,200 INR (which is 300INR higher compared to FK, but hey it comes with Leather Pouch. :D)

2. Build Quality

After opening the box and taking it in hand, it feels like air. Yes, it is very thin and overall look is stunning, but not as good looking as other phones out there, but i must say LG does a decent job with the design. The back cover of the phone is made of plastic, so you need to be careful while handling the phone. Apart from that, finishing is good and it looks like a premium phone, and at times, i mistake this for Note, because of the size. 😀

3. Features

Even though features can be available by updating it to custom ROM’s, i don’t want to do anything because for my sister, all she need is to make/receive call, play games, Watch youtube videos, take some snaps/video. The LG UI is improved and less number of bloatwares compared to TW. Split keyboard, taking notes while speaking with someone is a nice things to consider. It comes with ICS, which is again a good thing, otherwise we have to look for updates online every now and then and i don’t expect any new phone to come with GB.

4. Performance

Installed many useful apps, and games like Temple Run, Fruit Slice, Ninjump, Air Attack HD Lite, Lets Golf 3 Free, etc and played every game for few hours and didn’t have any lag or whatever. It is running smooth and the GPU is doing fine, i guess. Also with all the apps, there is no freezing, no FC etc. Out of 1GB RAM, always 300+ MB is free. I guess 1GB RAM is taking its role in the performance and gives an lag-free UI Experience.

Installed Air Attack HD lite in my i9003 and it is working fine, but lags in middle. Hand writing recognizition is good(don’t compare with Note series), i made a call to my friend and need to note down address, so i used it and i must say, it is quite impressive. Also the split keyboard thing is good, because with such big screen i don’t need to reach the middle to type characters like G,F 😀

5. Display/Video

The major thing that attracts my sister. 4.7″ IPS LCD Screen, with qHD res. Images are crisp and visibility at sunlight is good. Watching video is a treat in this phone. Copied a 720p video and it runs smooth, tried 1080p sample video and works like charm, but you need to have MX Player or some player. The default player is not able to run 1080p videos.

The colors are vivid and checked the same image with my i9003. Notable difference is there, not huge. But the images are looking sharper and crisp.

6. Camera

LG did nothing here, seriously, even my more than a year old i9003 is taking good photos ad videos w/o Flash,and this phone is nowhere near mine. I took few snaps with flash and w/o flash both at bright outdoors, and photos taken from LG where decent but with some noise/grain. It has option to record HD video recording, but if the quality is not good, there is no need for giving HD recording. Only upside is, at medium light, ambient outdoors, it is taking reasonable pictures and with flash, even that is looking dull and artificial.

7. Audio

It is upto the expectations and The included headphone is good with bass and treble and med~high volume. At low volume, you cannot feel the bass. Also, the earphone is very nice, cable length is decent. It comes with spare earbuds(:D), which make some difference.(I lost one of foam-tip and now i took foam-tip from my uncles phone who have spare earphone). The audio is clear and no complaints. Listened some Folk songs, Rock, Pop and so far no issue in providing decent music.

8. Battery

It comes with Li-Ion, 2150 mAh, which provides ample battery backup time. Eve after playing games, download apps through Wi-Fi(moderate usage), i am getting good 32hrs. Which is good considering the specs, and big screen. Big advantage is, it is not heating like mu i9003 after playing games for 15mins. For my sister’s usage pattern, it can easily last for 2 days or even more.

9. Connectivity/Browsing

Comes with WiFi Direct, 3G and BT. Used 3G network(Vodafone, Bangalore) for a while and getting good speeds. Browsing is good with this phone, because of larger screen.

10. Memory

Comes with 1GB RAM, 4GB Internal Memory and as new year offer, they provided us 16GB MicroSD for free. 😀 I can see plenty of free RAM even after installing so many apps, which usually eats RAM in my i9003. For me, who always see 329/486MB RAM used, this is quite a good look. Getting around 300+MB free some time.

Conclusion :

If you have strictly 19k budget and want a big screen(above 4″, not considering MMX,Karbonn etc), and to play videos, games, and lag-free UE then you might consider this phone. But if you want decent camera, a big no for this phone. Try anything from Xperia line-up.

Pros :

* Big Screen
* No-laggy User Experience
* Smooth video playback
* Nice package
* Features bundled with come in handy.
* Sexy look
* Better battery backup.

Cons :

* Below par camera (After tweaking the settings, images are coming out good, but still not excellent)
* Poor video recording

Few Images :


LG L9 Thickness
Thinnest phone i ever used
Phone at low light, clearly the IPS Screen is excellent
USB Port at top of the phone
Look at the big,luminous screen.
Camera and LCD is well placed on back panel and it looks good, but it doesn’t perform upto the expectations
The buttons on bottom is very responsive and placed sensibly. Not like SE phones, where sometimes, it will not respond.
Thickness again, which flattered me and make me feel like my phone is too heavy to carry around


Disclaimer : This review is purely based on my views and not by any influence or whatsoever.  And i am not responsible for any errors in the information or the accuracy.


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