What Grails(Groovy on Rails) did to my PC?

You might have seen Tesla S reaching 0-100 in 3.2 secs, but with Grails under the hood, my PC can go from 0-100 in few milliseconds. Yes, it is that fast! Only difference is, with Tesla S doing that, you will be like WTF!!! This is amazing and with Grails, it will be like WTF!!! This is bullshit.

Yes, my PC has been serving me well for past 5 years and even though it is C2D, 4GB with HD4850 under the hood, it helped me play GTA 4, FC3 and many other modern games and I am pretty happy with it. Felt my PC was laggy once every 3 months, but then again it was my fault as I always overload system with lot of applications loaded. Even with Crysis 3, I never felt my PC is aging. But Grails changed my perspective.

Started my PC, and bootup time is always close to 1 minute as I don’t have any big clog-y startup programs. Then I opened command line and typed >grails create-app sample.System seems like slideshow for a cuple of minute, then fine.

Finish up all work, then type >grails run-app, Bam!! CPU Usage is 100% till it compiles and build the project. I hardly see this happening, and even the resource hungry GTA 4 did good in my PC, but Grails, simply put the PC to shame! I guess it is time to upgrade my PC. Finally want to say one word to Grails Developers, WHY!!!!!!


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