Why hate Java/C/Python/$language_name

For a long time, It’s been a lazy trend to yell at Java or C or Python or what ever languages. But lately it’s becoming mainstream. Of course comments in those post’s made my day, but deep down I always wonder why people do that. It’s like they compare onion with f’ing banana. They both meant for different purpose. Eating an onion and saying it is not sweet is totally retarded. And same applies when someone compare Language A v B.

We are programmers. We do programs. No matter whatever language it is. If you look at big names technology stack you may understand this. They try to use proper tools for jobs and as long as it is working fine it is all it matters. Instead of sitting at your desk and wimp like kid, and telling some you hate X so you wouldn’t code sounds real bad. And what’s worse than that is, blogging about it. Apart from those funny comments at those posts, those articles never had any purpose in my view.

Why hate X? If you don’t know the true potential of X, where to use and how to use, it’s your mistake.Not X’s. Some idiot did some unoptimized pathetic excuse of code and made a mess out of it and it is not the language’s mistake. Instead of bitching about it, start analyze and fix the problem. Not make fun or yell at X.

After looking at guys who implement plethora of technology in their stack, I started following their footpath and it worked well so far. I love Java, but never hesitated to learn something new. As a result of this, now I know a handful of languages which I use together depends on situation to get the best result.

I can hear you all saying “What the hell he is trying to say? “. Well, all I am saying is, try to learn as many as possible, implement them based on needs and stop complaining about an onion not being like an banana.


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