Grocery CRUD – A Life saver!

I was developing a back-office application for an manufacturing company. It started off as a small project, which is why I didn’t used any framework. But changes after changes, it turned into this huge monster, which has plain-old PHP codes which is not easy to maintain. So we planned to use a framework to reduce the development overhead we have. Picked CodeIgniter due to it’s very less learning curve and it turned out to be good. But what comes next, was not planned. When we started analyzing our old code base, all we had was CRUD!!! 80% CRUD pages, 20% Other functions. I was shocked because I know, it is painful to do CRUD and we have over 40+ tables! All I knew was, I was f’ed.

But still things has to move on, so slowly started migrating from plain old PHP to CodeIgniter, although CI is exceptionally well, doing CRUD in any language is painful. It was repetetive, boring and monotonous. After 2 months of work(and I still didn’t figure out scaffolding at that time, because it was a freelancing project), we hardly crossed 30% of project, and we planned to do whole migration in 4 months. It was far cry. I knew that even if I push myself to extreme, I couldn’t finish it. I was browsing myself, thinking if there is an scaffolding tool for CI, it will be great.(I know Yii is an option, but again, that has high learning curve and a new framework. So searching for a plugin is good option)
And then got a lot, but groceryCRUD caught my attention due to its sheer ease of use, and almost no-learning-curve.

After minutes of excitement, decided to give it a try. Started with couple of tables and bam! It was done. What I did in 2 days, G-CRUD did it in few minutes! I decided to go with G-CRUD and whatever 30% of CRUD work I did in 2 months, it did within in a couple of days(Design wasn’t our 1st priority). Yes, for simple Back-Office / Admin application, this is a perfect fit. You get the power of CI on one hand, and scaffolding ability on other hand with G-CRUD(Well, not exactly Scaffolding, but you know!). If it wasn’t for G-CRUD,I will still be doing the project with hours and hours of frustration and anger.

I love Grocery CRUD, for it’s simplicity it brings! Ease of use, how it manages relationship between tables and UI, is simply awesome. “Yii” is awesome but it wasn’t easy to setup and start working with, unlike CodeIgniter and going for a new framework is again big PITA. G-CRUD saved my day and I intend to use it for all small-medium BO/Admin projects! G-CRUD make scaffolding nice and easy.

And for all people out there who are looking for simple PHP CRUD Gen, there is nothing much simpler than this, at least that I know of!


If you have any queries feel free to write to author

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