Noob friendly Nodejs Hosting!! Heroku vs Open-Shift

Hosting an application which we developed in a new framework is as much exciting as well as challenge than using the framework. And what better way than giving a noob the easiest way to deploy the app? So, created the app, now it’s time for me to deploy. So I went ahead, typed “Free hosting for Nodejs” and as usual trusted Google gives me a lot, but less useful. Either some links/sites have changed, and rest point me to a couple of providers. Heroku and Openshift!

So my scale to measure the best one is simple, how hard it is for me to deploy my app! Took Heroku as a challenge and man, I must say they put a lot of restrictions for a small app, and deploying is a nightmare(at-least for me!). Digged through documentation, did exactly as they say and bam!!! It looks like there were no gears assigned to the app to scale. So as usual, digged some more and do as they say, bam! Not working. And getting MySQL is not easy as I thought.

After waiting patiently for a day, I dropped the idea and turned to Openshift. Installed rhc, cloned repo, made changes and committed. The moment I push I can see the logs on one hand and deployment process on the other. Errors were clear, Connecting to MySQL was pretty easy and I got my app up and running under 30 minutes. Well, that was quick! That’s what I thought! And what’s more surprising is, PHPMyAdmin installation is just easy too!

So what about them? To be clear, There was no pre-conceived notions about Heroku, but things could have been a lot simpler like how Openshift had! If they claim it is dev friendly, then it should be noob-dev friendly too! Let them add Gears, commit the app and bam! No missing dynos gimmick, and don’t expect developer to pay heed to such things. And for gods sake, don’t make installing Relational DBs a chore. It took me a while to figure out Heroku is not for me!

So I request Heroku to make the setting the instance a bit easier like OShift! This will go a long way!


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