Me, Rajkumar, I always dreamt of becoming a coder and fond of Java. Joined industry around 2007, and even after 7 years still hold on to coding and planned to be like this till my last days in the industry . Learned a lot over these years, including Spring, Struts, Grails, Hibernate, jQuery, Node.js, MongoDB, AWS and many more web related technologies and have good knowledge and understanding in e-commerce and travel related web applications. Love Open Source community and even planning to contribute to.

Rajkumar @ StackOverFlow

See how better programmer I am Certificate

My hobbies include Gaming, Cricket, Football and Driving. I like to help people as I strongly believe in give back, from where you have taken.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Raj,

    I am new to java .Your blog very interesting,Can i see the code(ajax pagination) you posted.There is nothing in link you provided.I am looking same stuff like this.



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