Things I learned from IE9!(Still learning!)

What motivated me to write this post? Simple, huge amount of time I spent sitting in front of the PC and stare at screen and think “Why it isn’t working in IE9!“. And after lot of fiddling/wrestling with tags, I feel like “You kidding! Is this even fix? WTF!!!!!“. So, this is what made me do this.

So as I said, this post is all about Things I learned while making some site(s) work in IE9(Don’t ask me why IE9, it’s not like I love to, it is more like I had to. Duh!)

1. It isn’t just a browser. It is much more than that! I used to be so distracted, short-tempered and anger issues. But IE9 has made me a calm, zen like person. Yes, one minute you think you fixed everything. And once you add a tiny plugin in to your page, all hell break loose and you need to think like a child to fix it. Yes, remove from here, add here, remove this and add that! Oof! It’s working. But you must put an Note in your code to warn other devs not to add a plugin or anything of sort, else you are again going into medication.

2. It is strict. I mean real strict! More than your mom or your girlfriend. In fact, much stricter than strictest of the girlfriend! You make slightest of mistake in JS, other browsers just ignore it like your best friend, but not IE9! You missed a dot here, you missed something here. No excuses. If it had to be done, it has to be. It teaches you how to follow protocols and follow industry standards!

3. It is more of 90s kid, who yell at new kids on how they are ruined with the gadgets. In fact the founder of the gadgets(Ajax! Remember?) is none other than very own IE9! It sometimes struggles to understand what you are trying to send over Ajax! Are you trying to send a object with number, you convert it as string before sending it! When I see this, all I can imagine is, they forget to keep the Ajax documentation, so after a while, someone else wrote the documentation, which is not exactly what it is supposed to be. Weird! It teaches you to back up your documentation before you release your product.

4. It isn’t very fond of CSS. Oh! You meant rough edge, let’s give you nice clean edge! While other guys merrily decipher newer plugins, IE9, who is not much educated struggled to do things like their Yale/Harvard(I know, don’t ask!) competitors! So you have to tell exact steps and some time, you have to feed it in mouth so that it’ll understand! Which teaches us to always write your own, handmade CSS exclusively for IE9, and test them. If not, then don’t get shocked when your site got scrmbled in IE9 when you give demo to the client. Which taught me the valuable lesson of keeping seperate files for the task, even if it’s not the norm.

5. Even the most experienced can look like jack-ass while debugging in IE9. Because most of the time, debugging sucks and gives inappropriate messages like a most shitty stalker send filthy messages to a girl. Or the best, most of the time, it just hangs or won’t work! Which gives us the valuable lesson of always be content and polite, even if you are experienced. Because one bug in IE9, you are his bitch!

And a lot more are there, but seriously I don’t wanna give all the spoilers and rob the fun for you. Enjoy your time with IE9.